43: The Richard Petty Story

This fast-paced story traces the early childhood experiences that made Richard Petty one of the world’s record-breaking drives. Darren McGavin plays Lee Petty, Richard’s father and three-time world racing champion. Two generations of break-neck speed, death-defying driving and devastating crashes flash before your eyes and set the adrenaline pumping. Richard’s family and loved ones recall the most exciting moments of his life at home and on the track while he battles with death in a hospital room. Will Richard survive the bone cracking crash of the opening scenes? And if he does, will he race again and continue his life and death struggle to win? See Richard Petty as Himself & Darren McGavin as Lee Petty in “43-THE PETTY STORY”…He drove with danger, raced with death! Career Highlights: Won 200 of 995 NASCAR Winston Cup races entered; Career winnings of $5,963,950; Won 7 WCS Championships; Won 6-figure prize money 16 different times! Exclusively Distributed by United American Video, Charlotte, NC.